Wining and Dining

There are hundreds of places to eat and drink in Edinburgh, many of them with enough haggis in their kitchens to choke an elephant, and if they're near the tourist trail they will be filled with their most important customer - the tourist. Edinburgh for Groups likes to make dining and drinking out a little different, and as well as being a local experience, it is still very much a Scottish one. The restaurants and pubs used by us are not tourist haunts, but genuine local establishments serving good local food and drink. One of them even served Bonnie Prince Charlie - one of Scotland's famous short-stay tourists! We are also adept at staging after-dinner - or in the pub - traditional Scottish entertainment (see 'Activities') using singers, musicians, dancers and poets. Also it is extremely difficult to book large groups into city restaurants, let alone get them into pubs, but Edinburgh for Groups will make it effortless and trouble free.