Group Enquiries & Bookings

Before we can start arranging your group requirements we need your contact details plus a basic rundown of what you are planning to do and what you wish us to arrange for you. If you have no idea what you plan to do, don't worry, it's our job to give you ideas and help you create your perfect itinerary.
We operate with groups of all sizes, but the larger the group, the less expensive things will be all round. Groups can, however, be as small as 8 or 10 people. If you have a budget to work around, we will make it fit your itinerary. Once we are clear what your requirements are we will send you an approximate price. You are making no commitment when you make an enquiry. It is only a request for information which will help you to outline activities and expenditure for your trip and hopefully make you want to proceed further and book with us.

To make make an enquiry please email Allan Foster at
or phone +44(0)1573 223 888 / 07989 546791

The Booking Process

After we have discussed your enquiry with you in person, on the phone or by email, and you want to proceed further and book with us you will receive the final itinerary and price. A deposit of 15% of the agreed price is then payable, with the final balance due 4 weeks prior to date of travel. There is no booking fee.

If you only want to book your group for one or more of the activities listed on our website please use the email address above to inform us of your group size, dates, and times which suit you. We will then email you a price depending on your group size, and ask you to pay a deposit of 15% of the total group price, with the final balance due 4 weeks prior to your specified activity dates. There is no booking fee.

Familiarisation Tours

A small advance party travelling ahead of the actual trip to look over arrangements is always beneficial if your budget can support it. If you decide on a familiarisation tour we will meet your advance party free of charge and show them what we and the city have to offer relating to your group's proposed itinerary.